Welcome to my New website!

Welcome to the brand new MARIOBATALI.COM!!!

I’ve been throwing around all sorts of “wheeeees” about my brand-new redesigned Mariobatali.com website, which just launched today!!


In thinking of how to improve my site, I took into consideration all the emails, facebook posts and tweets I received – even the snarky ones!


You wanted more travel posts – and not just in Italy…all over the world.

You wanted more recipes with beautiful photos.

You wanted more videos.

And finally, you wanted a place to find info on more than just food and travel.


You got it all!


My team and I have been working for months building new content and thinking about fun, innovative and interesting ways to bring you the best of food, wine, travel and so much more.


Here’s a bit on what to expect as you click around the new site:


  • A real time #heymb twitter widget so we can tweet at each other without having to leave the site!!
  • An amazing interactive map so you can travel from NY to Singapore and always find the delicious and interesting in every city.
  • A huge list of recipes that will be changing constantly so each time you come back, you’ll see something new and delicious to make.
  • A weekly recipe and video from The Chew
  • Weekly videos, including How to Tuesdays…and a new e-mail blast where we pair up a how-to video with a delicious new recipe!
  • A brand-new “MOLTO” blog where you can read about anything from food events, to my top ten favorite books. I even recruited some of my good friends to post on MOLTO, so you can get even more daily content.


Alright, so stop reading and start clicking. Then tweet me at #heymb to let me know how you like it. Can’t wait to hear from you!!


xo mb



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