3 large heirloom tomatoes

4 ounces tequila blanco

Juice of 1 lime

1 ½ ounces agave syrup


For the spicy rim

¼ cup kosher salt

½ tablespoon ground cayenne pepper


Mix kosher salt and cayenne on a small plate or bowl. Use a cut lime to moisten the rims of two martini or coupe glasses, then gently roll the rims in the spicy salt until coated.


Halve the tomatoes and gently squeeze the juices and seeds into a cocktail shaker.


Add tequila, lime juice agave and plenty of ice, then shake vigorously for a full minute.


Strain the garden elixir into the salt-rimmed martini glasses and sip sweet summer harvest.



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Cin Cin


I love to play with sweet and savory, and this garden-inspired cocktail does just that!  Oozing with summery goodness, these “tomato-ritas” are the perfect drink for a late summer afternoon on the porch…or wherever you are.  Bonus: you can make gazpacho or panzanella with the leftover tomatoes.  Do it!!!

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