Spicy Salty Dog

Spicy Salty Dog


Makes 2 drinks

1 cup kosher salt

½ cup brown sugar

3 tablespoons chipotle powder

1 large grapefruit

6 ounces vodka


Blitz the salt, brown sugar and chipotle powder in a blender until combined. Pour out enough of the spiced salt to cover a small plate about ½ inch deep.


Using a vegetable peeler, peel two long strips of zest from the grapefruit and reserve for garnishes. Zest the rest of the grapefruit with a microplane, then cut it in half and juice it.


In a large mixing glass, mix the vodka with all of the grapefruit juice and zest. Stir thoroughly.


Use the grapefruit “carcasses” to moisten the lips of two rocks glasses. Roll the edges of the glasses in the spiced salt until the rims are evenly coated. Then fill both glasses with ice cubes and pour in the cocktail. Garnish each drink with the reserved grapefruit zest and serve at once.


Any unused rimming salt can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for next time. (Or try it as a rub on meat!)

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Cin Cin

Spicy Salty Dog

On “Iron Chef” we often made flavored salts, and I love using them to add complexity to cocktails.  The spicy & sweet salt rim on this greyhound-inspired drink takes the “salty dog” to an even groovier place! Try it with gin too, if that’s your thing.

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