Snapper Crudo at Esca

Snapper Crudo


Serves 2

1 red snapper fillet, very fresh

2 zucchini blossoms

½ lemon

freshly cracked pepper

Maldon salt, to taste

high quality extra-virgin olive oil, for drizzling


Slice the snapper fillets into ½-inch thick pieces. Divide the pieces evenly between two plates, laying them out in a line or in a pattern that pleases you.


Slice the tender parts of the zucchini blossoms into ½-inch pieces, leaving behind the stems and the tougher areas at the base of the flowers. Place a blossom slice on top of each piece of fish.


Freshly grind a few cracks of pepper over the snapper, then sprinkle with Maldon salt.  Squeeze lemon juice onto the fish and finish with a drizzling of extra-virgin olive oil. Serve immediately.


seasonal & sustainable substitutions:


If snapper isn't available, try substituting with:

  • fluke
  • black sea bass


If squash blossoms aren't available, try substituting with:

  • another edible flower, such as nasturtium
  • thinly shaved radish, cucumber or jalapeño
  • thinly sliced citrus segments or preserved lemon


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Snapper Crudo at Esca

Esca’s Dave Pasternack makes a sensational crudo with fresh red snapper, zucchini blossoms and a kiss of lemon and olive oil.

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