Pan Gravy

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Pan Gravy

When you’ve seared off some pork chops, roasted a turkey or pan-fried some chicken, you’ll be left with a beautiful fond at the bottom of your pan–that brown crispy stuff that sticks and makes your roaster hard to clean. Fear not! You can make an easy pan gravy in just a few minutes and unlock all the delicious flavor of the fond…and as a bonus, your pan will now be easy to clean! Here are the steps to creating a basic pan gravy, demonstrated by Matt Abdoo of Del Posto. Feel free to spruce yours up with herbs and spices (add them at the beginning!), or substitute part of the stock for wine. No matter what, it will be delicious.


PS–If you don’t have any fond on hand, you can still make gravy by starting with a basic blond roux and adding herbs and stock as Matt does here. Check out our video on How To Make Roux.

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