Mojito di Fragole

Mojito di Fragole


Makes 1 cocktail

3 ripe strawberries, hulled

5 fresh mint leaves

Freshly ground black pepper

2 tablespoons agave

2 ounces rum (I like Appleton Rum for this drink)

Splash of Ginger Beer






Place strawberries, mint leaves and one grind of pepper in a mixing glass.


Muddle or mash the ingredients in the bottom of a mixing glass until a paste forms.


Add the agave, Appleton rum and a splash of ginger beer to the glass. Mix well and enjoy for summer’s first welcome sigh.

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Cin Cin

Mojito di Fragole

The first strawberries arrive and I go crazy and put them in everything including my wine, my drinks and even my risotto… for an aperitivo I love mojitos and this one is ginger strawberry.

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