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A region filled, on one hand, with rolling hills and elegant mountains and, on the other, with historic canals, lagoons and the sea. Sandwiched between the sea and hills lie the provinces of Verona and Vincenza.


Here, all of Veneto’s elements come together to create a beautifully wondrous area for locals and an even better one for tourists who look for varied cuisine.


Verona, a city of Roman origin, sits along the banks of the river Adige. A magical city to travel, Shakespeare even noted of it as he told the story of Romeo and Giulietta. Furthermore, the city offers an open-air opera performed in a Roman arena, along with VinItaly in the springtime, the most important wine fair in Italy.


Lago di Garda, or Lake Garda, rests a short distance from Verona. A sight to see, its size declares it the biggest lake in Italy. Driving for about twenty-five minutes northwest from Verona, one arrives in the Lake District to see that Garda has a culture entirely unto itself. Being close to the mountains of the Adige, the German influence definitely shines, as roadside stands advertise in both Italian and German. In Garda, the cuisine generally exhibits Mediterranean qualities, specifically using many saltwater fish.


About 35 miles away from Verona on Autostrada A4 in the other direction, lies Vincenza. Known for its medieval castles, wall cities, and Palladian villas, the city sits at the junction of the Bacchiglione and Retrone rivers. Vincenza is mostly a commercial and manufacturing center, with products ranging from textiles, to iron and steel. The town, however, has noted churches, palaces, and many buildings built by architect Andrea Palladio. Parts of the 13th-century wall that encircled the city still stand.


Although the province lacks a coastline and a lake, Vincenza, out of all of the provinces in the Veneto, exhibits cooking most aligned with that of Venice. Displaying agricultural traditions and aristocratic influences, the cuisine reflects strong, prosperous roots.

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