Top 5: Rome

Forty-eight hours in the Eternal City

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I typically do Rome in just a weekend. Forty-eight hours doesn’t afford much time to explore, but it’s time enough for three or four meals, and I choose them wisely.


This is not the definitive list of the best restaurants in Rome, but the spots that, when faced with the endless options in the Eternal City, I decide to spend my precious hours.


If you have more time, also visit…


  • Al Ceppo for classic old school
  • Antica Pesa for tradition and the old Cinecitta world
  • Arcangelo for modern Italian
  • Asino d’Oro for a true Roman meal with journalists


And If you’re willing to make the trek, Osteria da Cesario in San Cerario merits a day trip for lunch.

Mario's Picks

Salumeria Roscioli

I’ve been going to Roscioli since I first lived in Italy and it continues to be perfect. Simple, classic Roman pastas, cacio e pepe, gnocchi alla matriciana, spaghetti alla carbonara, and supreme cured meats.
It is almost always my first stop in Rome.

Caffe Sant’Eustachio

The perfect place for an espresso coretto.

Forno Campo de’ Fiori

A slice of potato pizza that you will die for.

Cesare al Casaletto

Cesare al Casaletto is the definitive Roman trattoria in my opinion. They are absolute experts in all things Rome (particularly food, wine and beer).

La Pergola

The only Michelin three star restaurant I’ve ever liked. Heinz Beck doesn’t serve Roman food, per se, but it is so tasty and the view is so spectacular I can’t skip it.
Team MB was lucky enough to get a behind the scenes look into the kitchen of La Pergola, the best restaurant in Rome. Check it out here! 

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