The Predawn Chowdown

New York Times Magazine Food & Drinks Issue


This week, Mario took a break from his regular duties as a One-Page columnist for the New York Times Magazine to contribute a piece for the magazine’s annual Food & Drink Issue: Restaurant Edition. Mario’s dissertation topic: late-night chef eats. Here’s a sneak peak…

Picture 2
Photo courtesy of Marcus Nilsson for The New York Times

What do chefs and the rest of the restaurant team eat post-shift, at 2am? Hint: hydration is key (usually in the form of an ice cold beer or sake). And food? For me, when you’re starting dinner after midnight, it’s best to keep things uncomplicated.


Click here for the complete article on Mario’s post-shift eats. Or start planning your 1AM snack with one of Mario’s favorite late night recipe, Two-Minute Calamari.

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