The High Road with Mario Batali


“The High Road with Mario Batali” premieres today on Hulu and Hulu Plus!


Join Mario as he takes us on a journey to some of New York City’s most fascinating gems with some of its most fascinating people. Airing every Thursday at 12am midnight (EST), the first up on “The High Road” is journalist and political correspondent George Stephanopolous. George and Mario take a trip to Brooklyn to The Royal Palms Shuffle Board Club and amidst intriguing conversation and delicious bites, the two challenge each other in a heated shuffleboard match.

Who wins? You have to watch and see. 



The series’ episodes rollout weekly and feature a variety of stimulating personalities, including Chef Gabrielle Hamilton, Anthony Bourdain, Mike Myers, Isabella Rossellini, venture capitalist Fred Wilson, Liv Tyler, Jimmy Fallon, former New York City councilwoman Christine Quinn, New York Times Columnist Frank Bruni, Julianna Margulies,  Rachael Ray and more.  Their respective adventures alongside Mario take them everywhere from The New York Public Library, to The Frick Collection, to Gotham Greens in Brooklyn.


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