Team Holidaze

A huge thanks to my amazing and hard-working team. Although just a few are pictured below, but there are so many talented team members who keep the wheels of the organization turning night after night.


Thanks and cheers to a wonderful and delicious 2014!!!


Post_Image_Holidaze 2013 Group





  1. 1.  Mario Batali
  2. 2.  Mary Giuliani, Mario by Mary
  3. 3.  Cruz Goler, Executive Chef at Lupa
  4. 4.  Rebecca DeAngelis, Pastry Chef at Babbo
  5. 5.  Matt Abdoo, Chef de Cuisine at Del Posto
  6. 6.  Ray Rando, General Manager at Lupa
  7. 7.  Liz Benno, chef at Eataly NYC
  8. 8,  Andy Nusser, Chef/Partner at Tarry Lodge and Casa Mono
  9. 9.  Josh Laurano, Executive Chef at Tarry Market
  10. 10. Dan Drohan, Executive Chef at Otto
  11. 11. Jenny Mullins, General Manager at Casa Mono
  12. 12. Anthony Sasso, Executive Chef at Casa Mono
  13. 13. Fitz Tallon, Executive Chef at Eataly NYC
  14. 14. Mario LaPosta, Chef at Tarry Lodge
  15. 15. Dennis Mullally, Bar Manager at Otto
  16. 16. Jeff Katz, General Manager at Del Posto
  17. 17. Ray Caprio, General Manager at Otto
  18. 18. Pamela Lewy, Communications Director, Mario Batali
  19. 19. Tess Koenig, Assistant to Mario Batali



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