Fish Meets Grill

Grilled fish is a favorite of mine during the summer because it’s light and easy—exactly how cooking should be at this time of year.


Like vegetables and herbs, fish is both regional and seasonal. A majority of my recipes while I’m in Michigan call for Lake Trout, available year-round from the Great Lakes, particularly Lakes Huron, Superior and Michigan. Of course, I’m partial to Michigan Lake Trout. Substitute other fish, like black bass, snapper, or striped bass, depending on what is freshest and would mesh the best with your recipe.


The key to delicious seafood eating is a friendly fishmonger. Ask him or her what product was delivered most recently. Fresher fish is uniformly more delicious.


Italians like their fish served plain, unaccompanied by contorni or side dishes. Americans prefer fish with vegetable accompaniments and sauces. In most of my summer recipes, I split the difference. Green olive pesto is consistently passed separately, preserving the spirit of the Italian preparation while satisfying eaters who prefer some sauce on the side.


The first thing I’ll do when we get to Michigan is take a swim in the lake. Then I’ll probably mix myself an Aperol Spritz. Third thing I’ll do is fire up the grill for some fish.


Make it tonight: Grilled Whole Lake Trout with Onions, Olives, and Red Chard


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