Veal Shoulder Farsumagru



Serves 8 to 10 people

For the veal rolls
2 boneless veal shoulders (about 3 pounds each), butterflied open and pounded by your butcher to an even 1/3 to ½ inch thickness

Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

¼ cup dried currants

½ cup sweet red wine, such as Passito di Pantelleria

¼ cup plus ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

2 medium red onions, chopped into 1/4 inch dice

6 garlic cloves, thinly sliced

1 pound ground veal

1 pound sweet Italian sausage, casings removed

4 cups chiffonade of fresh beet greens or red Swiss chard leaves

About 5 ounces Pecorino Ragusano or Pecorino Pepato, cut into 1/4 inch dice (1 cup)

¼ cup pine nuts

½ cup fresh Italian parsley leaves

1 cup fresh breadcrumbs, toasted

8 ounces thinly sliced pancetta, coppa or mortadella

8 hard-boiled eggs



For the braising liquid

2 medium white onions, thinly sliced

½ cup tomato paste

2 cups dry white wine

2 cup basic tomato sauce (homemade or store-bought)


Season the veal with salt and pepper, and place in the fridge.


Place the currants in a small bowl, and cover with the wine. Set aside to soak.


In a 14-inch sauté pan, heat ¼ cup of the oil over medium-high heat until smoking. Add the onions and garlic, and cook until just softened, 4 to 5 minutes. Add the ground veal and sausage and break the meat up with a wooden spoon. Cook until all pink is gone, 7 to 8 minutes. Add the beet greens and cook until wilted, about 4 minutes. Transfer the mixture to a bowl, and allow it to cool.


Drain the currants, reserving the wine. Add the currants, diced cheese, pine nuts, parsley, and breadcrumbs to the meat mixture, and season with salt and pepper.


Remove the veal shoulders from the fridge, place them on a work surface, and season them with salt and pepper. Spread the stuffing mixture over the pancetta and then lay 4 boiled eggs, end to end, on each one. Roll each piece of veal up like a jelly roll. Tie the rolls securely with butcher’s twine and season the outside with sat and pepper.


Preheat the over to 400 degrees F.


In an ovenproof, heavy-bottomed pot or Dutch oven, heat the remaining ¼ cup oil over medium heat until smoking. Add the veal rolls and cook, turning them frequently, until browned on all sides, about 10 minutes.


If necessary, do this in two batches to avoid rushing this step or crowding the pan. If needed, add more oil to the pan to brown the second roll.


Transfer the browned rolls to a large platter an set it aside.


For the braising liquid

Drain the oil from the pan. Add the white onions and cook, scraping up the brown bits with the edge of a wooden spoon, until softened, about 5 minutes. Add the tomato paste and cook for 5 minutes, until it turns a rust color. Add the white wine, reserved currant soaking wine, and the tomato sauce, and bring to a boil. Place the browned veal rolls in the sauce, cover the pan with a lid or foil, and place it in the oven.


Bake for 1 ½ hours, or until the meat is fork-tender and the internal temperature reaches 155 degrees F.


Remove the veal rolls from the sauce, place them on a platter, and allow to stand for 15 minutes. Then carve and serve with the sauce alongside.


Recipe courtesy of Molto Batali (ecco 2011)


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