Photo Credits


Mario Batali (Color shot with cheese)

Beatriz da Costa


About Mario

Clog Shot

Brad Glazier


About Mario – Biography

Mario – B/W Chef Coat

Quentin Bacon

Mario – B/W Serving

Quentin Bacon


About Mario – Awards & Accomplishments

Mario – B/W Chef coat with cheeses

Quentin Bacon


About Mario – Media Personality

Iconoclasts – Mario & Michael Stipe

Compliments of Sundance Channel


About Mario – Charities

Mario, John Ventimiglia & Steve Buscemi at the CanDo Awards Gala

Food Bank NYC

Mario & Stanley Tucci at CANS Film Festival

Food Bank NYC


Where’s Mario

Mario – B/W on vespa/chef hat

Ruven Afanador


B&B Ristorante

Joe Vaughn


Food & Wine

Mario – B/W Chef coat

Quentin Bacon


Books & Products

Mario – Color Italian Kitchen shot

Steven Freeman

Books & Products – Copco

Mario – Color Italian Kitchen

TBD SM finding out


Music Picks

Mario Sunglasses

Courtesy of Food Network

Mario, The Edge & Chris Martin

Patrick McMullan



Recipe Shots from Molto Italiano

Beatriz da Costa

Gelatto Shot from OTTO

Joe Vaughn

Mario in front of Babbo in shades

Joe Vaughn


Ingredient Shot

Cavolo Nero Cabbage

Gina DePalma

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