The Mario Batali Foundation

The Mario Batali Foundation was established to ensure all children are well read, well fed and well cared for. At MBF we encourage them to dream big while providing them with the necessary tools to become an active force for change in today’s world.




Education is the essential building block to our children’s future, but for a variety of reasons many children do not receive the educational support that they need. The MBF promotes programs that provide quality educational opportunities for children, as well as ensure that children are provided with the necessary guidance and tools to successfully transition into young adulthood.




Low-income individuals and families often have difficulty affording or accessing nutritious food options. By supporting nutrition education programs, the MBF helps to enable children and their families to move toward healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. These programs provide guidance about how to prepare and enjoy healthy meals using affordable and available resources, and also ensure that when necessary families have access to emergency food organizations.




All children have the right to live a healthy life, but too often there are circumstances out of their control that inhibit this right. The MBF provides funding for pediatric disease research to improve the quality of children’s lives.

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