New York, New York…

so nice they named it twice!

celebrating New york city - right now




Mario never hesitates to expound on his love of Northern Michigan, but his other home of New York City is also pretty magical, especially during this time of year. So in a nod to all of the folks visiting between now and New Year’s Eve, here’s a short list of some things WE LOVE IN NY right now.




“I’ll have what she’s having…”

You simply can’t visit NYC and skip a delicious pastrami on rye with a Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray Soda at Katz’s Deli.


And while you’re in the neighborhood…

Pick up some bagels with whitefish and maybe splurge on some caviar at Russ & Daughters. Or visit the Russ & Daughters Cafe around the corner. The pickled herring trio is one of Mario’s favorites and it was just named one of the ten best restaurants of 2014 by The NY Times.


Pizza & Pasta…

Conference room… Are you kidding? Otto Enoteca Pizzeria doubles as Mario’s office. And they serve some of the best pizza and pasta in town. And if you’re coming on Wednesday and Thursday after 9PM, ask bartender Dennis for the ultimate holiday drink: a Black Maple Hill Bourbon old fashioned.


And while you’re in the neighborhood…

Washington Square Park, with all of its characters, history and charm has so much to offer as one of NYC’s most cultural public parks. And though its Christmas tree can’t really measure up to the one in Rockefeller Center, it isn’t too shabby!


But if you get cold…

The Marlton Hotel, on 8th street, has comfortable and chic lobby lobby worth visiting, complete with an espresso bar, a restaurant, and a gorgeous roaring fire to warm up to!


Refills, not Landfills

Pizza, bagels, pizza-bagels!: the common denominator of many delicious NY delicacies is the local water. NY Tap water, to be specific, and since NYC’s most delicious natural resource is free, I Love NY Water’s mission is to get everyone drinking and using a reusable water bottle, encouraging “Refills, not Landfills.”


Speaking of local…

The Union Square Farmer’s Market is, hand’s down, one of the best farmer’s markets in the city and in the nation — even in the winter! As most of you know, Mario’s all about celebrating farmers so visit this farmer’s market or your local farmer’s market this season and every season. This link by the USDA list all farmer’s markets in the nation in case you need help finding one.











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