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September 20, 2016
Smoky Peach_08_03_2016_7

Peaches roll in late July, stealth in juicy promise. Italians eat them at harvest temperature, but I like mine cold from an ice bath. This mezcal cocktail combines the smoky Mexican spirit with cold peaches, mint, lime and tonic and will have you dreaming of the state fair…

cocktail mexican mexico mezcal mint peach
September 20, 2016
05 Amaro Shake Thumb

Honoring #nationalicecreamday with a creamy ice cold amaro shake. It’s hot….you deserve it.  Ice cream, amaro, what else could you ask for?

amaro cocktail ice cream milkshake shake summer vanilla
September 20, 2016
04 Star Spangled Spritzer Thumb

watch out for this summer fruit overflow!!! Ladies and gents: introducing the STAR-SPANGLED SPRITZER – summer deliciousness in a pitcher…cheers and VOLUME UP!!

Blueberries cheeky cocktails spritzer summer Watermelon wine
September 20, 2016
03 Mojito delle fragole Thumb

The first strawberries arrive and I go crazy and put them in everything including my wine, my drinks and even my risotto… for an aperitivo I love mojitos and this one is ginger strawberry.

cocktail lime mint mojito rum strawberry
September 20, 2016
02 Rhubarb G&T Thumb

The farmers market is a constant source of inspiration, today I found rhubarb and knew I could celebrate it at both the beginning and the end of the meal.

cocktails gin lime Rhubarb
September 20, 2016
01 La Brezza Thumb

With winter behind us, spring drinking is lighter and less brown usually, and I love a Sea Breeze.  We Italianize it with grappa and I use my biz partners’ brand because it’s the real deal.

cocktail grappa
September 16, 2016

I was in Haiti with my pal José Andrés and he kept talking the whole trip down about rum sours… he was entranced and enchanted and as usual it turns out he was pitch perfect and right on the money.

cocktail haiti Honey jose andres lime lime wedge mint
September 14, 2016
tomato soup header

Pappa al pomodoro is a rustic dish with flavors of home cooking and end of summer comfort food. While this traditional Tuscan dish is typically eaten hot or at room temperature, I prefer it slightly chilled when tomatoes are at their peak in early September. My chilled tomato and bread soup will make you look as…

Bread chilled fall florence soup summer Tomato
September 8, 2016
Esca Snapper Crudo_09_07_2016_9-2

Esca’s Dave Pasternack makes a sensational crudo with fresh red snapper, zucchini blossoms and a kiss of lemon and olive oil.

Dave Pasternack Esca Fish seafood
September 1, 2016

I love to play with sweet and savory, and this garden-inspired cocktail does just that!  Oozing with summery goodness, these “tomato-ritas” are the perfect drink for a late summer afternoon on the porch…or wherever you are.  Bonus: you can make gazpacho or panzanella with the leftover tomatoes.  Do it!!!

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The Italian Cuisine of Mario Batali

Friday, January 13th, 2017
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Join Mario at Schola in Baltimore for an evening of making recipes. From Spaghetti all’Amatriciana to Pork Milanese with Squash Coponata and Bomboloni & Biscotti. Mario covers it all.


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