Got Leftovers? Top 5 Recipes to Use ’em Up!

So you cooked up a storm, everyone ate their fill, and now your fridge is full of turkey, mashed potatoes, and all sorts of other autumnal fare. If you don’t want to eat Thanksgiving dinner all over again (for the next week or so), dive into these top 5 recipes that incorporate leftovers into something new and delicious!

Cook up a delicious Thai-inspired stock with your leftover turkey carcass (you saved that, right??), then add in leftover turkey pieces and garnish as you please!

Turkey Noodle Soup

The name says it all…when you’ve really had enough of cooking after that marathon of birds and fixin’s, just pile up a good ol’ post-T-day sammie.

Leftover Turkey Sammie

Use any leftover pumpkin or squash to get a head-start on this fantastic, classic pasta. ¬†And you’ve still got some sage kicking around your fridge, so why not?

Pumpkin Lune with Butter and Sage

Your famous mashed potatoes didn’t all get gobbled up? Use them as a filling in these pierogies–it’s comfort food made of comfort food, and you can’t go wrong.


This recipe will use up all your last bits of turkey, and the flavorful broth will wipe the it’s-almost-winter blues away. Or, if you’re sick of turkey by now, you can freeze the tortellini to eat later in the season. Just pop your baking sheet of finished tortellini in the freezer until frozen through, then transfer them to a zip top bag. When you’re ready to cook them, you can pull them right out of the freezer and drop them straight into boiling broth to cook. January-You will be so grateful!

Turkey Tortellini

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