MBF Swing Session 2013

Celebrity Golf Classic

at Liberty National Golf Club


Rain, strong winds and a tornado watch is not the weather you want for a golf game, particularly when that game is the annual Mario Batali Foundation Golf Classic, co-hosted by Michael. J. Fox and Hank Haney. Despite the less than ideal conditions, the entire day was a blast. From the boat ride across the hudson, to Hank Haney’s information golf clinic (he promises that 100¬†practice strokes in a day will vastly improve one’s golf game), to 18 holes of golf with celebrity players such as Andy Garcia, Ed Burns, Jamie Hector and Jim Courier, and of course a swing with Mario at the 14th hole, the day was a complete success.


Of course, an MBF Golf Classic is unlike any other – with the food as the center of attention. Here’s a sampling:


Pat LaFrieda’s Original Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich from Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors

Andrew Carmellini of The Dutch came with Little Lobster Roll, Tobiko, and Spicy Yuzu

Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi prepared Grilled Pancetta Tramezzini

Mark Ladener’s “Meatballsausage Sandwich”


and the delicious list goes on…


Special thanks to MBF Swing Session Co-hosts Michael J. Fox and Hank Haney as well as all our sponsors, who made the day a possibility!


Hank Haney & MB at the 14th Hole



All photos courtesy of Ken Goodman Photography

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