MBF Honors Dinner 2013

Dubbed by Food & Wine Restaurant Editor Kate Krader “the world’s best soft-sell fundraising event,” the Honors dinner was a delightful and delicious assemblage of artists, musicians and friends. The evening’s entertainment was provided by Jeff Tweedy and Glenn Kotche of Wilco who joined Patti Smith for a rousing rendition of Smith’s classic “Because the Night.” Later in the evening, Salman Rushdie shared a piece about a particularly lively and exuberant chef. But the unexpected standout performance came from Mario’s co-host, Jimmy Fallon, who did a rendition “Wild Thing” with honored guest Jamie Oliver on drums, and the 180 other guests on back-up vocals. It’s an event we won’t easily top next year.


After the break, find links to press coverage of the evening.


Photo courtesy Ken Goodman
Photo courtesy Ken Goodman


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