Love Water Not Bottles

5 Simple Steps to Lower Your Carbon Footprint This Year!

By Maggie Symes & Elizabeth Meltz




Happy 2014! Have you decided on your New Year’s resolutions yet? If not, here is one to consider: reducing your carbon footprint. Below are five tips on how to offset your carbon consumption.


Eat Less Meat Swapping out one or two meat meals per week with more veggies helps reduce CO2 emissions. All of our restaurants offer meatless dishes on Mondays to support the Meatless Monday efforts.


Don’t Waste Food It’s estimated the America wastes up to 40% of our food from farm to fork. Food surplus produces methane gas in landfills, as well as carbon emissions in its transportation. If you exercise portion control and think before you purchase, you will reduce both your food waste and waistline. Our restaurants help cut down on food waste by composting leftovers and diverting over 40% of our food waste from landfills.


Love Water Not Bottles Buy (and use) a reusable water bottle. Studies show that much of the bottled water you purchase is no different than tap water. All of our restaurants abide by the “No Bottled Water” policy in which we use filtration and carbonation systems and reusable glass bottles to serve water to our guests.


Say No to Single-Use Items By opting out of using plastic silverware, chopsticks, plastic bags and mountains of napkins, you can greatly reduce your non-food waste. Many of our restaurants reduce non-food waste by using linen table clothes, linen napkins and straws only upon request!


Clean Green Switching out your cleaning chemicals with eco-friendly products is another way to reduce your carbon footprint. Instead of using harsh chemicals that contribute to pollution, look for products that have a Green Seal certification on them. All of our restaurants use Green Seal Certified cleaning products and hand soap.


To learn more about sustainability initiatives in our restaurants, check out the Sustainability page on our website.


Elizabeth Meltz is Director of Food Safety and Sustainability at B&B Hospitality Group. She has been with the company since 2006 and overlooks all environmental strides throughout all of our restaurants.  


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