La Festa di Tartufi

November 21st at Del Posto


Truffles for Mario 2


White truffle season is upon us. And it’s one of the most epic seasons we’ve seen.


Join Mario at Del Posto on November 21st for the annual Festa di Tartufi, a celebration of the famed white truffles of Alba. The evening will feature a Piemontese-inspired menu from Executive Chef Mark Ladner paired with wines curated by Beverage Director Jeffrey Porter.


For details and pricing, visit the event page here!



SUNCHOKE Carpaccio with Walnut Gremolata & Fonduta

Soft-Scrambled EGGS with Crispy Potato & Parsley Stem

FETTUCCINE with Alfredo Spuma

House-Milled POLENTA

VEAL Braciole with White Sugo Finto


GELATO in Vin Santo

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