It’s Earth Day…


It’s often said that if we want to change the environment for the better, we should start with what we eat.


At our restaurants in California, Las Vegas and New York, we’re giving away seed packets for a lettuce blend that can be planted in any climate in the continental United States. The seed packets will be available to all diners from Earth Day (today!) through the end of April, while supplies last. Each indicates a promo code for discounts to the events we’re participating in at the New York Botanical Garden this summer.


Babbo is hosting an Earth Day-inspired Vintage Babbo dinner showcasing the wines of Italy’s greatest stewards of the land. Wine Director Jeff Porter selected seven growers who work tirelessly to protect the Earth and produce the best wines possible (producers and vintages listed below). Each wine will be paired with a dish that celebrates the freshest local and sustainable ingredients and the idea that those how respect the Earth produce more flavor and delicious product. Additional information attached as well as on Babbo’s website.


Eataly New York and Eataly Chicago are also excited to celebrate earth day from 12:00 pm -6:00 pm with 56 local producers. Local buyers are dedicated to sourcing the highest quality products, and they often find that the tastiest ones, made with carefully selected ingredients and consideration for the land from which they come, invariably have the greatest amount of passion and stories behind them. Meet producers and sample products today. To see the full lineup click here.


Happy Earth Day!!

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