How-To Tuesday Round Up: 2014 Edition

In case you missed these how-to tuesdays, here’s a round up of our top ten most popular videos this year!! We’ll be back with more great tips in 2015!! Happy New Year. Xx


10. brown butter

Brown butter makes everything better.  From ravioli with sage to a simple layer cake, many recipes that call for butter can be improved by swapping out the plain stuff for its browned cousin–full of the rich, nutty nuanced flavor that regular butter lacks.

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9. poached eggs

The perfect poached egg is an elusive treat, and the subject of much debate among chefs and home cooks. Watch this trick for getting it right every time.  Ooey gooey yolks galore!

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8. shape a burger

How you form a burger before cooking it has a huge impact on its taste, texture and overall success.  You need the right ratio of fat to lean meat, and you need to know how to handle and shape it. Make your best burger yet – juicy, tender, delicious…perfect.

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7. tomato sauce

Basic Tomato sauce is a fundamental ingredient in endless dishes. Skip the store-bought stuff and make it yourself for that warm and fuzzy Italian grandma feeling. It’s simple, cheap and absolutely delicious.

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6. cut peppers

Ever wondered how to cut a pepper quickly and neatly? This technique can be used for any kind of pepper, and with these professional cuts, your dishes will look more beautiful than ever.

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5. grill a perfect burger

A bad burger is a horrible travesty, but a great one is not rocket science if you know the basics. It’s deceptively simple but the results are anything but ordinary.  Juicy on the inside and perfectly crusted on the outside…get ready for burger heaven.

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4. brine a bird

The reason we brine is because the salt seasons the meat up on the inside and also makes it more  succulent. Enough said.

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3. perfect steak

What’s better than a juicy, perfectly-cooked steak in all its beefy glory? Make sure to turn your grill up as high as it can go and keep a thermometer in your back pocket…you might even have a free hand for a cold beverage.  Then stand back, let the fire do its magic, and enjoy your own personal 5-star meal.

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2. saucing pasta

Don’t just dump ragù bolognese on top of your pasta, sauce those noodles like a pro. Pasta should be dressed like a salad, with a light coating clinging to each bite. The pasta water is the hero here–that leftover starchy, salty water helps bring the noodle and the condimento (as we say in Italian) together as one. Your spaghetti will never be the same.

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And the most watched video of 2014…


1. homemade pasta

There is NOTHING like handmade pasta. It’s delicious, it’s slightly chewy, and it will take your pasta game to a new level!

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