Hacking a Better Future for Dining…

Graphic courtesy Food + Tech Connect


This weekend (June 27-29), Food + Tech Connect is bringing together restaurant/foodservice types with tech and design nerds to hack a better future for dining.


Our illustrious Director of Food Safety and Sustainability, Elizabeth Meltz, has posed a problem that the hackers will attempt to solve on the 27th. The challenge:


How might we use technology to make food safety compliance data easier to navigate and understand for foodservice professionals?


In Elizabeth’s words: “This challenge is focused on improving the ways in which foodservice operators find the food safety rules that apply to their situation and then have a clear picture of how to comply to those rules.” As a result of the complexity of food safety regulations, foodservice operators often unknowingly act in violation of regulation. These establishments will, unfortunately, learn those rules only as they incur penalties or fines.


If all goes well, the hackers will help demystify the regulations and ultimately make the food space safer.
To kick off the Hackathon, Food + Tech asked me a few questions about how we might use technology and design to hack a better future of dining. Click here for my thoughts.

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