Cheers to you, Dads!

Marioand dadsalumi post image
Mario and Armandino at Salumi in Seattle

Dear Dad,


Thank you for encouraging my creativity and teaching me to throw a spiral. 

–Kate Previte, Media Producer


Thank you for teaching me how to ride a bike.

–Pamela Lewy, Communications Director


Thank you for trying to teach me how to ride a bike… I’ll get there one day.

–Tess Koenig, Mario’s Assistant


Thank you for being my best friend and raising me with great music.

–David Gruber, Digital Media Guru


Thank you for making the tastiest salumi in the world, but also for teaching me to keep striving for a better me. I love you, Pops.

And thank you, Benno and Leo, for enriching my life more than I ever imagined possible.




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