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We’re Hot Then We’re Cold

Created in Parma, Italy in 1935, the tomato revolution known as Pomì became a staple in authentic Italian homes across the region. Almost half a century later, the passata, or strained tomatoes, were successfully introduced to the United States. Since ripe, juicy tomatoes and zucchini are an even better pairing than extra virgin olive…

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Having lived in and around Bologna for three years of my life, there is probably no region in all of Italy as close to my heart as Emilia-Romagna. From the magnificent Byzantine frescoes in Ravenna to the two towers in the city of Bologna, and the riches of a magnificent small town like Modena, there…

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The Best Restaurant in Rome

Fifteen minutes from Rome’s city center atop Rome’s highest hill (appropriately dubbed Monte Mario!) sits the Rome Cavalieri Hotel. The place is a time warp: marble and gold cover the lobby, which leads out to a massive pool deck reminiscent of Vegas’s early developments. If Don Draper went to Rome, this is where he’d…


Mad About Meringues

The weather this February has been less predictable than usual. New York has experienced icy winters, harsh falls and glimpses of spring in the span of 15 days. It’s even tested the versatility of my shorts and Crocs “uniform”.   The beauty of meringues is that they transcend every season. It’s the perfect transitional dessert…


A presto

As I posted at the beginning of the week, we made the most of our forty-eight hours in Roma. In addition to the all-important meals, there were a few hallmarks of Italian culture we had to consume. From apperitivi to salumi to espresso, we covered our bases. Herein, a virtual scrapbook of our quick jaunt on the Italian…


Top 5: Rome

I typically do Rome in just a weekend. Forty-eight hours doesn’t afford much time to explore, but it’s time enough for three or four meals, and I choose them wisely.   This is not the definitive list of the best restaurants in Rome, but the spots that, when faced with the endless options in the Eternal…



Often linked with its northern neighbor, the Alto Adige, Trentino actually exhibits a much warmer, much more Italian personality in terms of style, feel, and look. Furthermore, the people of Trention consider themselves Italian and speak the language, contrary to a number of people who live in Alto Adige. The food in Trention suggests a…



There is probably no region in all of Italy as well known to American travelers as Toscana. The Renaissance Jewel Box City of Florence probably drives most of this as many travelers recall the school days of Art History 101, and Florence really delivers the goods with the Uffizi Museum, Palazzo Pitti and Michelangelo’s David….

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There are a few things to know about traveling to Sicily. One, you should really budget a good two weeks if you really expect to take in everything the island has to offer. Two, a tour of Sicily is primarily a tour of its coastal areas; although there are some terrific inland locales to visit….

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Sardegna is an island more than just geographically, but in ways both spiritual and financial, it also seems quite isolated from the boot. Only in the last 75 years has Sardegna been inhabited along its magnificent coastline due to the natural, marshy shores, which harbored malaria. This created a fiercely independent people who lived inland…

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Stretching out eastward towards Greece and Byzantium, Puglia, the heel of the boot that is Italy, looks more like wind-swept northern Africa or sun-toasted Greece than any part of the rest of Italy. Nearly 500 miles of coastland wrap around a geological treasure trove of variation, from the craggy and hilly Gargano peninsula to the…



Piedmont’s capital, Torino, is better-known as an “industry” town than as a place to visit for great food, wine, art, and architecture. Torino, along with nearby Milan, was the epicenter of Italy’s industrial revolution in the 1950’s, home in-particular to the country’s largest auto-maker, Fiat. But thanks in-large part to the prosperity created by its…

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