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The Amos in Manhattan

Mama Deb’s Best Potato Latkes

  Per my mom, the key to this recipe is all in the texture of the grated potatoes. Too coarse and the latke does not cook through, too fine and they become mushy inside. Too much matzoh meal and they are too heavy, too much water and they are soggy. I have done my best…

Caramel Candy

  “I cannot imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree or without these caramels. My grandmother, Muriel, made them first, then my mother and now my wife, Patty, makes them. They are seriously addicting, as are the bourbon manhattans that are of equal importance at any of our family Christmas gatherings.”   Happy Holidaze! Andy

Vegetable Bollito Misto

  “This recipe represents exactly what I want to eat with a large heavy holiday meal.  It also represents how I like to cook at home.  Consider the recipe as more of a guideline. Just about any other (seasonal) vegetable could be substituted into this recipe.  When I cook this dish I am constantly tasting the…

The Holidaze are here!

  The Holidaze are here! For the month of December, enjoy daily emails each weekday full of food, drink and merriment. If you’re not yet signed up,click here to do so!   Click here for the Holidaze recipe lineup! Click here for Holidaze shopping deals!

Holidaze Recipes


Sausage and Mushroom Stuffing

“Every year, up until her passing this spring, my Grandmother, Emma Green, would make her Thanksgiving stuffing the day before Thanksgiving. Rather than bring it to our house ahead of time, she’d either leave the stuffing at her apartment or hide it somewhere in our house so that we wouldn’t pick at it all day and it could actually…



“Froggers are a traditional American cookie dating back to colonial times. They are a molasses-spiced cookie enjoyed by fishermen, sailors and trappers in New England. How they entered my family, I am not 100% sure, as my heritage runs back to Chicago and Minnesota. When he was younger, my Grandfather used to make them and would…

Beet & Fennel Insalata Cruda

Turkey Noodle Soup

  “Making some kind of soup the day after Thanksgiving was always something that both of my grandmothers did every year. It was very important to utilize everything that was available. This recipe is a version of one I made last year and it’s perfect for the holidays!”   Happy Holidaze! Chris

Panel Discussion

What is the chef’s role in creating a sustainable agricultural system and a healthy diet for everyone? What role does taste play? On November 11th, Mario joined Tom Colicchio, Andrea Reusing and Sam Sifton in a though-provoking conversation during The New York Times’ Food for Tomorrow Conference to discuss.