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Via Alta Kitchen Studio

A beautiful and modern space, the Via Alta Kitchen Studio is located in Manhattan’s Flatiron District. It provides a space to film and photograph a number of Via Alta Productions’ projects, including its weekly “How to Tuesday” series. It is a concept built of smart custom design and quality materials and appliances, featuring advanced functionality, simple sophistication and…

New York, New York…

    Mario never hesitates to expound on his love of Northern Michigan, but his other home of New York City is also pretty magical, especially during this time of year. So in a nod to all of the folks visiting between now and New Year’s Eve, here’s a short list of some things WE LOVE IN NY right…

Calves Brain Ravioli

  I learned a lot about cooking, tradition and family from my Grandma. She was undeniably the best cook in the Batali household and her ravioli were legendary. This time of year, when we celebrate tradition, I think about her calves brain ravioli with oxtail ragu and how pure and perfect her pasta-making technique was. Watch this…

Oxtail Ragu

The Holidaze are here!

  The Holidaze are here! For the month of December, enjoy daily emails each weekday full of food, drink and merriment. If you’re not yet signed up,click here to do so!   Click here for the Holidaze recipe lineup! Click here for Holidaze shopping deals!


Panel Discussion

What is the chef’s role in creating a sustainable agricultural system and a healthy diet for everyone? What role does taste play? On November 11th, Mario joined Tom Colicchio, Andrea Reusing and Sam Sifton in a though-provoking conversation during The New York Times’ Food for Tomorrow Conference to discuss.    

Spiced apple shrub

Creamed Onions


A HOLIDAY “SGROPPINO” – a perfectly chilled cocktail that “unties the knot” from a deliciously filling dinner.

The Holidaze are Coming!!

The HOLIDAZE are coming! Starting this Monday, Dec 1 until Christmas, we’ll be sending an email out every weekday filled with festive recipes, gift ideas, deals and more. Sign up today!!      

Tacchino alla Porchetta

    “I love turkey thighs for their versatility. You can braise them, confit them or even chicken fry them. Here, I like to treat them like porchetta. If you’re lucky and there’s any left over for the next day, it makes for a perfect panino.”   -Matt Molina, Executive Chef Osteria Mozza & Pizzeria…