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Panel Discussion

What is the chef’s role in creating a sustainable agricultural system and a healthy diet for everyone? What role does taste play? On November 11th, Mario joined Tom Colicchio, Andrea Reusing and Sam Sifton in a though-provoking conversation during The New York Times’ Food for Tomorrow Conference to discuss.    

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Batali Thanksgiving Timeline

The key to enjoying Thanksgiving dinner is to plan ahead. No matter how organized you are in the kitchen, you have to cook the turkey on Thursday. Start there and work backwards, making sure to prep as many ingredients and dishes in advance as possible. That will allow you to maximize leisure time on Thursday. (Remember, if…

Batalis do Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving, the Batali family likes to go a little bit outside the box and choose themes and flavors that excite their palates (while still remaining rooted in the traditional Thanksgiving). This year they’re going Santa Fe style…   Below is Mario’s menu for Thanksgiving 2014. THE menu   cocktail    Sage and Pomegranate Bellini   apps   Nopales Ceviche…

Thanksgiving tips:

    Like us, the Chew Crew has been preparing for Thanksgiving for weeks. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve compiled a couple of Mario’s Thanksgiving tips: saving for stock and coffee brine. Watch now, study up, and write out your last-minute questions because…   Tomorrow at 8AM Eastern, Mario is hosting a Twitter Q+A for all of your…

I pledge allegiance

    The smart people over at the Times Food section have assembled 50 recipes (well, 52 with DC and Puerto Rico) that represent each state in the nation:   THE UNITED STATES OF THANKSGIVING   The Batalis do a regional Italian Christmas feast. This year, we’re doing a regional American Thanksgiving. No matter what…

A Chicken Flies Home

  Before “America: Farm to Table” was released, I was working on a mantra.   You don’t need to buy Alexander Weiser’s potatoes to make the potato recipes in the book work. You don’t specifically have to have Jim Bardenhagen’s apples or cherries, or Nathan Heath’s carrots.    The point is that you should find…

‘Tis the Season for Salsify

Salsify frittelle: an ambidextrous side, if you will. A vegetable recipe that tastes of the season but also embraces the themes of the holidays.   Salsify— also known as the “oyster plant,” for its somewhat oyster-like taste— is a root vegetable of the dandelion family. The plant looks like parsnip or horseradish but is longer…

’tis the season… for cooking!!

Yes, it’s still November. And, yes, we have not yet had our Thanksgiving feast. But we at Molto already have the holidays on the mind…   The holidays are a time for giving and for family. But they’re also a time for cooking. And eating. A lot.   Mario and the Chew crew are making their…