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As I posted at the beginning of the week, we made the most of our forty-eight hours in Roma. In addition to the all-important meals, there were a few hallmarks of Italian culture we had to consume. From apperitivi to salumi to espresso, we covered our bases. Herein, a virtual scrapbook of our quick jaunt on the Italian Peninsula.



I tell everyone who goes to Italy: the first thing to do when you touch down at Fiumicino is have a cappuccino at the airport–no matter the weather, no matter how many hours your slept on the flight, no matter what time of day. (Despite the Italian mandate that cappuccino be consumed only before 10AM, it’s always 10AM when you dismount a transatlantic airliner.)


The cappuccini in Italy are small (a single shot) and not too warm (almost tepid). It’s a cup so perfectly composed, so palatable, that you can almost shoot it. But it’s too good to take as a shooter, so give yourself a break and enjoy over a prolongued fifteen seconds.



Air conditioning is decidedly unItalian. The second it hits the back of your neck, you’re at risk of mal di fegato. That is, liver disease. (In America, we obsess about the heart. In Italy, they obsess about the liver.) No matter the temperature–be it early summer or late-August–your taxi driver from Fiumicino to the city center will be dripping sweat, entirely disinterested in the A/C. This is one Italian custom I reject. Request the A/C. You’ll be happier for it.


Check back soon for more Italy travel tips.


(Photos courtesy of Kate Previte)



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